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You're Capable of More Than You Know!

In 2011, I woke up the morning of the LA Marathon and it was raining. I found out later that thousands of runners let the rain stop them from running the marathon that day; they just didn’t show up!

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Marathon In The Rain

I, on the other hand, was determined to run it and run it well. This from a person that used to hate running!

The rain was steady and strong with a level of cold that wouldn’t even allow my fingers to operate my iPod correctly.


However, I stayed focused and ended up beating my previous best time by 6 minutes! My new personal record or "PR" as running lingo calls it.

The next year, I thought, if I could beat my time by 6 minutes in a torrential downpour, I’m going to beat that by another 6 minutes. I trained for 18 weeks with the intention of running a 4:15 marathon. I know that’s not lightning fast, but for me, it was light speed since my aversion to running was real and I would avoid it at all cost. Previously the only way I would travel 26 miles would be by a comfy car or a fast train!


I would repeatedly #visualize running the race. I would handle hills, fatigue, the last 6 miles and the approach to the finish line. Even sitting still somewhere, instead of looking at Instagram on my phone, I would memovi myself, imagining the race details, my family and friends there at the finish line cheering me on. I did this often. Visualization creates motivation leading to drive and is much more powerful than positive thinking.

My goal was a 4:15 marathon. It seemed reasonable, doable. A little voice in my head said, "you’re feeling great. Why don’t you aim for 4:10? " I laughed. That’s crazy. But then I realized that I am crazy and so I decided, why not?! I’ll go for it, watch my time and see what happens.

As miles 20, 21 and 22 went by and I was still feeling good and, looking at my watch, I started to be an exciting sort of confused. What is happening? This is crazy. I’m going to blast my time! My family was waiting at mile 25 to cheer me on and my brother told me later that it was hilarious to watch me run by. Everyone around me looked like they were going to die, and I was peppy like I just started the race!


It was all I could do to keep from crying with joy in the last mile. I had trained for a 4:15, I let myself #believe I could run a 4:10 and all my mental training brought me in at 3:58.

L.A. Marathon, running, run, endurance racing, goals, motivation, personal best, mindset, mental training, sports psychology, mom. parent
Meagan Ward Running L.A. Marathon Mile 25. The sun came out and so did her smile!

I wasn’t trying to run faster. I didn’t train faster, buy new shoes or eat differently. I simply trained my brain and then let my body do what it knew how to do, even if I didn’t know what I was truly capable of.


I learned I was capable of more than I knew. To unlock your life and running potential check out these memovis on endurance racing. And for the other areas of your life, say the strained relationship with your dedicated spouse or the missing out on your child's event, while you are out training, there are also some life and relationship memovis that can enhance your life as you reach your goal.


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1 Comment

Ken Baum
Ken Baum
Oct 24, 2019

Great Example of training the brain and becoming someone different. Great story and thanks for demonstrating the power of memovi!

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