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Change Your Posture, Change Your Game.

Posture of a giant. When 5' 10", 200lb, Walter Payton, the great Chicago Bears running back, was breaking #NFL rushing records, defensive linemen weighing 280-lbs would try to tackle him backed up by ferocious 250lb middle linebackers.

Walter usually won. After each carry, whether a 5 yard gain or a 3 yard loss, he would always get up the same way. As the players would unpile, Payton, was often the first one on his feet, popping up, then jogging back to the huddle like nothing happened. He wanted his opponents to see that no matter how hard they hit him, they couldn’t hurt him. His message: “Watch out, because I’m ready to run through you again on the next play.” He was tough and his powerful posture said so.


Your physical posture is not only one of the quickest ways to influence what your opponents thinking about you, it can change how you feel about yourself as well. It sounds too simple to be true, but your own body posture is a direct link to the brain, and it communicates signals that affect and influence the mind. How you stand and how you present yourself can almost instantly transform your own #confidence and alter the way others respond to you.


Misty May-Treanor is calm and easygoing. She is one of the nicest most genuine people that I have ever met or worked with in sports. However, when she plays volleyball, she elevates her intensity several notches and never loses sight of just how important her posture is.

If her team is winning or if they are losing, you can never tell by her facial expressions or body posture. She always presents as a winner! While her opponents may be looking and feeling defeated, May's game face and her posture never waiver.

When asked how she dealt with the pressure of a 5 game NCAA Championship match that seesawed back and forth with her team eventually winning, she said, "This isn't pressure. This is fun! It's what I live for!"


1. Alway present yourself as a winner. Your mind responds to your body and looks for ways to follow your physical signals. If your body tells your mind "I can't do this", your mind will try to find a way to make it true. If the body tells your mind, "I will do this" it will find ways to succeed.

2. Relax your breathe. Belly breathe. Let your stomach muscles relax so your rib cage can expand and your diaphram can drop, allowing the lungs to work at the lower level. Relaxation sits low in the lungs, stress and tension sit high. Check out the FREE memovi on relaxed breathing and instant relaxation technique (IRT).

3. Stand like you believe it! Take your position like you are a dominant player. If you make a mistake never, ever own it with emotion! Let it go. Don't tap your chest and say, "my bad" ... let it go. Instead say, "that's not me. I am better than that, next play". Save emotion for being better! Have emotion and ownership when you do it correctly!! Take on the POSTURE OF SUCCESS EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE FAILED OR LOST. Let your posture lead your performance. #powerofposture #championsmind #mentaltraining #mindbodyconnection


For more on the power of posture read "The Mental Edge" by Kenneth Baum

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Ken Baum
Ken Baum
16 באוק׳ 2019

Walter Payton and Misty May are amazing examples of attitude manifest through posture! Let your posture drive your brain to get you what you really want.

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