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Motivation Lasts an Average of 17 Days   Habits Change in 66 days... See the Problem? 

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Reset, Rekindle, Refocus Your Life, Passion and Goals!


"Ken Baum and his work have been life-changing for me!  Get on this ASAP!!!

   - Jessica Rose, Pro Athlete, UFC


IF you could change your life right now, what would you change?


GIVE ME 100 DAYS and I will give you the tools to change your thoughts and actions to reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible. 

  -Ken Baum, Memovi Founder, Author and Trainer of the Worlds Best

You May Want To Change But Can't Stay Motivated


Let's face it; change is difficult when motivation only lasts 17 days.  If it takes 66 days to change a habit, that explains why so many New Years Resolutions die on Jan 17th!  The latest research, University College of London, shows that it takes 66 days to break a habit or create a new one.  It's even more challenging to change than the "21-day myth" that scientists initially thought! All of this explains why so many 30 and 60-day challenges fail to develop new habits and permanent change.


MEMOVI 100 Is The Solution. 100 Days For A Reason. It works! 

After 35 years of being a mental coach to the Worlds' Best, and hundreds of thousands from all walks of life, I've learned a few "Mind Hacks" to help people change, thought, action and results. Lasting success doesn't come from a quick fix, clever slogan, rah-rah speech, mindless meditation, or "believe to achieve" advice that changes nothing and sets a person up for failure. 



A Few Minutes a Day


Minutes a day will change your life forever!  Imagine compelling, entertaining, live presentations that are fun and motivating along with interactive workshops to "train the brain" to crush unwanted behavior and replace it with powerful thoughts, actions, and results. You receive daily support with texts, emails, and MEMOVI AUDIO PROGRAMS, that provide regular reminders to protect your mental environment from negative thoughts and people,  keeping you on your success track.  

Image by Luke Chesser

"Memovi is a game-changer. Huge impact on my life!"

  - Pat Gudauskas, Pro Surfer, Father, Business Owner

Put a Stop to Thoughts and Actions Keeping You From Your Best Life

You have spent a lifetime becoming who you are.  You have much to be proud of!  The fact you have read this far shows you are serious about living a more satisfied, complete life.  The challenge, no matter how hard we try, sometimes negative thoughts and behavior take over as if we are on automatic pilot sabotaging our relationships, goals and self-worth. 

Memovi will teach you to disengage this auto-pilot so you are in control. You will learn something much more powerful than positive thinking.  Instead of trying to drown out the negative with positive bombardment you will learn how to identify, isolate, learn and then "shut off" negative self-talk.  You will then "turn on" Performance Talk that focuses on right actions that will have an immediate positive impact on your life! Actions change thought!


Pilots in Aircraft

Now is the Time to Take Control

One of the main reasons 93% of New Years Resolutions fail is because people are looking for the magic of the date to give them what they need to succeed.  Many are waiting for the date because they actually like the benefits of the behavior and don't really want to give it up.  Others are waiting for "the perfect time" when all their affairs are in order before they begin.  ALL are recipes for failure!  Why?  Because you are wilfully letting your habits control your life. The facts are clear.  The longer you wait to change a behavior, the harder it becomes.  The Time To Live Life On Your Terms And Be Whom You Choose To Be ... Is Now! 

Pat No Bike.jpg

"I don't impress easily.  I'm setting World and National records at 80 because of Ken Baum and Memovi.  Memovi was stronger than my fears and doubts.  Don't go through life, unhappy, stuck, fearful or less than you are capable.  Don't wait, do!"

    -Pat,  Cyclist - 9 World and National Records, 4 World and National Gold Medals


Here Is How MEMOVI 100 Activates Your Potential

We begin by finding out what you really want.  Not what you are supposed to want.  Not what others say you should want. The power of desire is enormous!



You will learn to access a deep-seated drive that is stronger than fleeting motivation.  New thoughts will spark actions to live your life with youthful passion. 

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Memovi builds from your strengths. From this solid foundation, you will begin to create personal changes that are important to you.  You will learn "Mind Setting" a new way of setting and achieving all of your goals. 

Attitude Is Everything


Positive thinking is good.  The right attitude for you is even better!  You will create a new mindset that transfers to all areas of life.  79% of worry never happens and the 21% that might happen is within your power to handle. 


Crush Unwanted Habits 

Habits are tough but you are tougher!  You may not feel it after missing another goal or feeling stuck in a cycle that keeps repeating negative behavior.  You will learn to identify, learn, let go and replace.  Less willpower, more memovi.


It's not the diet or workout failing you, it's the mind!  Take responsibility for your health and fitness, do not take the blame!  We bust myths & market hype so you can dial in your best way of eating and exercising and stick to it. 

Life Is A Mind Game You Make The Rules 

You have been living by a set of rules for a lifetime.  Most of your rules just happened with no conscious thought on your part and many are unfair to you.  It's time to turn the tables on the game of life and make your own set of rules. 

Better Relationships with Everyone! 

To live a truly satisfying life we need solid relationships with those we love.  Imagine having stress free relationships full of love and respect.  We can't control other people but we can control ourselves and condition new responses. 


Memovi 100 works because we have a weekly program with daily activity.  This consistency and overlapping training is key to best results.  Meditation, Motivation, and Visualization every day.  It's fun, efficient and easy to do. 

Your First Week Will Look Like This

  • Sunday Setup - Is the longest session.  This workshop sets your intention and positive change begins now! 120 min live

  • Motivation Monday - You start your week prepared, committed and motivated. 60 mins live

  • Memovi Tuesday - Assigned Memovi. 5-12 min audio

  • Winning Wednesday - Avoid midweek letdown with reinforcement of purpose and focus.  30 min live

  • Memovi Thursday - Assigned Memovi.  5-12 min audio 

  • Freedom Friday - Set your intention for an amazing weekend! 20 min live

  • Memovi Saturday - Assigned Memovi.  5-12 min audio

The Following Weeks 

You will continue to have the daily activity needed to make the changes that are important to you.  Sunday is now a 30-minute training and the rest of the live sessions are approximately 20 minutes. Memovi's are now your choice to further support your goals and outcomes. 



79% of WORRY


It's Your Time 

to Shine!

Less Than

.50 a Day!

Only $49 for the entire program and full access to all Memovi's.  This offer is good for the first 12 students! 


If at the end of 100 days you are not fully satisfied I will refund your money no questions asked. 

I wouldn't feel right having you pay your hard earned money and not be satisfied.  I want you to thrive! 


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