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From Average to Amazing in Seconds!

I used to be a professional boxer. One day, standing outside the ring, about to spar someone new, I noticed I was way too relaxed.

My heart rate wasn’t up, I wasn’t particularly focused, and all of that is a problem when you’re about to get in a small space with someone and try to punch each other.


With little time to figure something out I started jumping up and down, shaking my arms out, and I got the chills. I decided those chills were fuel running through my body, coursing through my veins, preparing me for battle.


Then I got in the ring and before the first bell rang I started jumping up and down rather high in the corner. People in the gym were looking over, not sure what to do with this, but I didn’t care. I actually enjoyed that it was making them wonder what was about to happen.

That sparring session ended up being one of my best. I was clear, focused, fast, energized. My punches were clean and powerful and my reactions to her punches were quick, my defenses sharp. I went from average to amazing in seconds!


Without realizing it at the time, what I had done was created a performance cue for myself. From that point on, every time I got in the ring, to spar or to compete, I would jump up and down in the corner, really high, shaking my arms out, preparing my brain and my body for success. It became my GO button or Performance Cue.


I didn’t have to try harder, train extra, run more, or drink some pre workout beverage, I was able to change my performance level just by changing my state of being by cuing my body that it was time to perform.

Performance cues are powerful and if installed properly will change your mood and focus to perform at your best. They can be as simple as a click of your fingers or clap of your hands or a precisely chosen word. Make sure your cues are not something you routinely do because they are already connected to to behaviors. Pick a unique cue for you!


Many public speakers and musicians have something they do right before walking on stage. Students can have a cue to help them focus before taking a test. I like to get in the right mindset, protecting my space and energy before being around people that I know are energy suckers, not good energy givers. Getting in the right mindset, preparing yourself for success is valuable in every area of life.

Are you ready to get your performance cue?

Download the Performance Cue memovi NOVEMBER 4th!

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