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Memovi improves performance in all aspects of life.


These powerful 3-10 minute audio programs combine meditation, motivation, and visualization into easy to use life changing programs. 


Ken Baum, mental coach to the world's best, is the creative force behind Memovi.  His 35 years of experience training everyone from billionaires, CEOs, small business owners, young athletes, gold medal winners, actors, musicians and many more, gives him unique insight that he uses to create each Memovi. 

He is an author of 3 major books, 'The Mental Edge" (Putnam), "Metabolize" (Putnam), and "Mind Over Business" (Prentice Hall), guest TV commentator and accomplished keynote speaker. 


He takes pride in an active lifestyle and has earned 3 different black belts in 3 different styles including a 3rd dan (degree).  His passion is being outdoors hiking or mountaineering and helping teens live with confidence to pursue their dreams with passion. 

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